Have you rushed through a joint because you don’t want those precious puffs to go to waste?

It’s a shame to rush an experience that you want to savor and enjoy. 

Now you don’t have to.

After trying all kinds of different joints on dispensary shelves, our team decided to innovate on this classic cannabis experience. 

Our new Slow Burn joints are hand rolled and expertly designed to burn slow and even. 

Four times slower than the average joint, to be exact. 

Slow Burn joints start with premium buds – you’ll find no shake or trim here – from strains such as Wedding Cake, Bazookies 10 and OG Lime Killer. 

Next, we infuse the flower with whole plant full spectrum cannabis oil in the same or a similar strain. Matching the strains offers a complex and balanced high. Cannabis oil is always extracted via carbon dioxide to give a smooth pull rather than the burn of a harsh extract. 

Finally, we hand roll it all together and package it up to give to you.

Slow Burn joints offer a smoking experience that moves at the same pace you do.

Slow Burn joints are one gram each, sold individually and cost $14 on average. You can find them at Denver dispensaries such as Diego Pellicer, The Herbal Center, Starbuds and RiverRock, among many others.