Unless you’ve been busy vacationing on a remote island, it’s been hard to miss the recent concerning news coverage about vaping. According to numerous press outlets, an epidemic of serious vaping-related lung diseases has sickened many across 33 states.

We’re saddened to hear this, as the health of our consumers is what drives us. Stratos was founded on the premise of helping people, and everything we do supports that mission. The people behind our products have dedicated their careers to getting to know the safest and most effective cannabis options for your body.

If you’re unsure about vaping at this juncture, we don’t blame you and we have some alternatives to offer! Our line of THC tablets provides great options for longer lasting effects. For those looking for more immediate onset, our tinctures are a great choice and can be mixed with other beverages or taken on the go with the built-in dropper. Stratos’ cannabis topicals, Soothe and Soothe ER, can be applied directly to the skin and can have an immediate soothing effect and be combined with our other products for extra relief. 

We’d also like to take this opportunity to offer full transparency regarding the safety of our products as well as the processes used to create our tablets, tinctures, and topicals. All our products are made with your safety as a top priority. All ingredients are pure and/or pharmaceutical-grade, and we use many of the same guidelines as the pharmaceutical industry in our manufacturing processes.

Safe Ingredients

We use Colorado-grown cannabis and hemp. Other ingredients can include MCT oil for our tinctures, pharmaceutical excipients for our tablets, and essential oils, shea butter and coconut oil for our salve. These have been selected for efficacy and safety.

Safe Extraction

CO2 extraction is more expensive and time-consuming, but it leaves no harmful solvents behind (unlike a butane extraction), so you can trust that our products are of the highest quality. 


We chose to create smoke-free products because we know that smoking, in any form, is less than ideal. To go the extra mile, we also made our products sugar-free and gluten-free. Our tablets and tinctures are also vegan. 

Pharma Expertise

Our formulation team left the pharmaceutical industry to develop a more natural option — and their goal is to create high-quality products to improve the wellness of customers. Their experience informs research and development, raw material sourcing, manufacturing processes and procedures, as well as equipment selection and maintenance. 

Your health and wellness guides everything that we do. Our goal is to offer consumers the safest and healthiest options when it comes to cannabis. Stratos products can be found at most Colorado dispensaries. If you have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at info@stratosthc.com.