Stratos Energy DabTabs



Stratos DabTabs™*are a new vapeable tablet concentrate created with cannabis oil (distillate via CO2 extraction) and naturally derived terpenes. The ceramic tablets are made in the United States. DabTabs can be used in a vaporizer, dab rig or a variety of other devices.

When a Stratos DabTab reaches the recommended temperature, it gently vaporizes the material within, free of combustion (smoke) and the associated negative byproducts. Visit this video gallery to see short instructional videos on how to use Stratos DabTabs with various devices as well as the Go All In One  and Shatterizer.

Energy DabTabs are created with the Durban Poison strain, which has Sativa terpene profiles, and each tablet includes 50mg of THC. Available in 20-tablet packs of 1000mg (1g) and 3-tablet trial packs of 150mg. 

Where to Buy

If you live in a state where you can’t access our Stratos THC products, please visit Stratos CBD to purchase hemp derived CBD products online and have your order shipped to your doorstep.

Stratos THC products are not available for online purchase. They can be purchased through licensed dispensaries in Colorado. Please visit our Store Locator to find a store near you.


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