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Our CBD tablets are intentionally blended ratios of CBD and hybrid strain-type THC designed to meet your specific needs.

The only active ingredients in each tablet are cannabis and hemp oils. The effects are derived using whole plant, strain-type specific CO2 oil extraction.

Stratos tablets are formulated to maximize the absorption of the cannabinoids into the body quickly and effectively. On average, the user’s experience is felt within thirty minutes, and often lasts between six and eight hours.

Available in the following ratios:

1:1 – 5mg CBD/5mg hybrid THC per tablet (18 tablets per bottle)

2:1 – 5mg CBD/2.5 mg hybrid THC per tablet (25 tablets per bottle)

15:1 – 5mg CBD/0.33mg hybrid THC per tablet (30 tablets per bottle)

25CBD – 25mg CBD/1.65mg hybrid THC per tablet (10 tablets per bottle)

Where to Buy
  • Gluten Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Vegan
  • Fat Free
  • Nut Free

If you live in a state where you can’t access our Stratos THC products, please visit Stratos CBD to purchase hemp derived CBD products online and have your order shipped to your doorstep.

Stratos THC products are not available for online purchase. They can be purchased through licensed dispensaries in Colorado. Please visit our Store Locator to find a store near you.

4 reviews for CBD & THC Tablets

  1. Christopher

    For those with social anxiety ADD or any life inhibiting ailments, this is the medicine for you. It blends the balance of CBD and THC into a wonderful, all natural relaxant. Perfect for the work environment, recreational moments and doesn’t stunt your appetite like other pharma drugs. If you’re looking for something like this, Stratos is the conscious choice. 5 stars!

  2. Marty

    I am a 70 year old woman with restless leg syndrome. I saw my doctor and he prescribed Mirapex. I read the side effects and was horrified! While visiting my daughter in Colorado, we went to a dispensary and a representative from Stratos was there and recommended Stratos 1:1 tablets for my restless legs. I bought a bottle and took a pill about an hour before going to bed. I woke up refreshed and feeling the best I had felt in a long time. I do not experience any adverse side effects and these tablets have increased my quality of life. Thank you, Stratos! I am a firm believer in the positive effects of different forms of cannabis in the medical field. By the way, I am a retired oncology nurse and a breast cancer survivor. Every cancer patient deserves the choice of different forms of cannabis as an option for their pain control.

  3. Yohalis Briceno

    I have suffered from insomnia for years now which leads to many other issues in the morning. I also usually wake up with drowsiness, coupled with anxiety and all over body pain. My friend recommended this brand and so far it has done wonders. I’ve slept better and have woken up in a much better mood. I am currently taking the 15:1 CBD pills.

  4. patrick murphy

    After 30 minutes I could feel the pill kicking in. It definitely relaxed me. All other 10 mg thc products just puts me to sleep. My wife took a pill also and her shingle pain went away.

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