Do you like vaping, but you’re nervous about what you’re inhaling?

We hear you. 

Want an option that is not only pure, but also safer and cleaner? 

We got you. 

Stratos DabTabs™ are a new concentrate option that Colorado has never seen before: a vapeable ceramic tablet with the same purity standards as drinking water filtration systems. They offer true vaporization (not smoke) and have zero additives or fillers. 

Stratos DabTabs are made with three simple ingredients: 

  • Cannabis oil (distillate via CO2 extraction) from non-GMO Colorado-grown cannabis
  • Naturally derived terpenes to retain the full flavor of cannabis
  • Ceramic tablets made in the U.S. from naturally occurring, mineral-based ceramic

Stratos DabTabs are made in Energy, Sleep and Relax formulations in 50mg vapeable tablets. Energy tablets are made with the Durban Poison strain, Sleep tablets are made with the Blueberry Kush strain, and Relax tablets are made with the Cookies strain.

Extremely Precise Dosing:
Stratos DabTabs are the first and only cannabis product that conforms to the ASTM C373 testing standard for the accurate measurement of volume down to one-thousandth of a gram. Dosing is incredibly precise and accurate.

The Highest Purity Standards:

The ceramic in Stratos DabTabs is NSF/ANSI 61 compliant, which means the materials in each tablet are pure enough to use in drinking water filtration systems. 

Eco-Friendly, No-Waste Option:

Used ceramic tabs can be placed into soil as an amendment, similar to perlite.

How It Works:

Place a Stratos DabTab in a vaporizer, torch-based rig or e-nail. When a Stratos DabTab reaches the recommended temperature in a vaporizer, it gently vaporizes the material within. When the tablet stops emitting vapor, your session is complete. Remove the tablet with tweezers, or remove later once the tablet has cooled to the touch.

We recommend using Stratos DabTabs vaporization devices such as the GO All In One, a complete vaping device, and the Shatterizer, a luxury high-end vaping option.

This video gallery has short videos on how to use our vapeable tablets with various devices. 


  • 3-tablet/150mg trial pack: $8-10
  • 20-tablet/1000mg (1 gram) package: $45-50 
  • All In One vaporizer: $30
  • Shatterizer vaporizer: $80
    ***specific pricing will vary depending on dispensary