The holidays are for giving, but deciding WHAT to give can be daunting. Especially when it comes to cannabis, as there are so many options to pick from these days. To help take the stress out of shopping, we’ve created the guide below to help you pick the perfect products for the hard to please cannabis connoisseur and newbie alike. Click here to find the closest  Colorado dispensary where you can purchase our products.

And rest assured, all our products are:

  • Not tested on animals.
  • Created using a carbon dioxide extraction free of chemicals and solvents.
  • Created with the highest level of purity and quality.
  • Farmed and produced with best-in-class farming and manufacturing practices
  • Sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan and free of wheat, soy, nuts, eggs and dairy. 

1:1 CBD Tablets

Our 1:1 CBD tablets are 5mg CBD/5mg hybrid THC per tablet (18 tablets per bottle). Our CBD tablets are intentionally blended ratios of CBD and hybrid strain-type THC designed to meet your specific needs. The effects are derived using whole plant, strain-type specific CO2 oil extraction. Stratos tablets are formulated to maximize the absorption of the cannabinoids into the body quickly and effectively. On average, the user’s experience is felt within thirty minutes, and often lasts between six and eight hours.

Who it’s perfect for:

  • Anyone who is looking for natural relief options 
  • Health enthusiasts looking for a sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan and fat-free option
  • Anyone who understands the benefits of the entourage effect, where multiple cannabinoids (such as THC and CBD) help to make cannabis work more effectively
  • The socially conscious customer who only uses products that aren’t tested on animals

What people are saying:

I am a 70 year old woman with restless leg syndrome. I saw my doctor and he prescribed Mirapex. I read the side effects and was horrified! While visiting my daughter in Colorado, we went to a dispensary and a representative from Stratos was there and recommended Stratos 1:1 tablets for my restless legs. I bought a bottle and took a pill about an hour before going to bed. I woke up refreshed and feeling the best I had felt in a long time. I do not experience any adverse side effects and these tablets have increased my quality of life. Thank you, Stratos! I am a firm believer in the positive effects of different forms of cannabis in the medical field. By the way, I am a retired oncology nurse and a breast cancer survivor. Every cancer patient deserves the choice of different forms of cannabis as an option for their pain control.

Sleep 1:1 Tincture

Our Sleep 1:1 tincture is made with whole plant CBD and sativa THC to create a therapeutic effect with a deep body relief. Our high shear technology creates a homogeneous system by encapsulating small drops of cannabis oil and water. Water increases bioavailability as human body is over 70% water. Our cannabis oil is derived via whole plant CO2 extraction. The light mint chocolate chip flavor can be taken alone or added to other drinks or foods. 

When taken sublingually, the tincture will take effect immediately. We recommend starting with 10mg (one dropper full), which includes 5mg CBD and 5mg THC, placed under the tongue for 15-30 seconds. Just a friendly reminder to anyone who is new to cannabis, start low and go slow.

Who it’s perfect for:

  • Anyone having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep
  • Those who are looking for an alternative option to traditional pharmaceuticals
  • Those looking for fast-acting relief
  • The health-conscious cannabis user who avoids sugar, gluten and dairy products 

What people are saying:

The Indica Sleep tincture is a “god send” for me.


Soothe ER

Soothe ER contains 300mg of CBD and 300mg of THC and is formulated to maximize the absorption of the cannabinoids into the body without a greasy finish. We infused essential oils to complement the properties of the cannabinoids and maximize natural wellness benefits. Soothe ER includes seven essential oils: arnica, black pepper, clove, helichrysum, lemon, peppermint, and wintergreen.

Rub a thin layer into your skin at the affected area, and experience long-lasting effects within minutes and up to six hours.

Who it’s perfect for: 

  • The cannabis-curious who have never tried cannabis (we’re talking to you, Grandma)
  • Those looking for relief in a specific area of the body such as legs, arms or back
  • The massage enthusiast 

What people are saying:

Soothe has seriously saved my feet!