Are you sweating your first dispensary visit? You’re not alone. There is a first time for everything and once you get one visit under your belt, it becomes just like going to the deli counter at your local grocery store. Below are 9 tips to make your first dispensary visit in Colorado a little less intimidating.

  1. Don’t forget your ID – You will need to show a state or government issued ID to get access inside a dispensary. Expired IDs won’t fly, so make sure everything is up-to-date. All visitors must be over 21 years of age. This includes anyone who intends to stay in the lobby! 
  2. Cash only (mostly) – While a few dispensaries have the ability to take credit cards, most dispensaries are cash only. If you don’t have cash on-hand, most dispensaries house ATMs in the waiting area or inside the showroom.
  3. Ask for an overview – If a dispensary isn’t too busy, you can always ask for an overview of the showroom floor or items displayed in the case to get a better understanding of the different products offered–everything from indica THC products for nighttime to CBD products for wellness. The budtender will likely point out products that are unique and “best sellers,” which can help narrow things down when it comes time to purchase.
  4. No phone policies – Most dispensaries don’t allow cell phone use (web browsing, texting, calls, etc.) inside the bud room. So get all your texting out before you and do any research about products or strains before you go in. If you are interested in taking photos, it is best to ask first. Each store is different. 
  5. Be ready to wait – Most dispensaries only allow a certain number of people in the bud room at a time, so if you visit during a rush be prepared to wait. On the upside, this gives each customer more one-on-one time with the budtenders, which is great if it’s your first visit. 
  6. Ask questions – Budtenders are like sommeliers for cannabis, so don’t be afraid to ask them questions. Tell them about the experience you’re looking to achieve or things you want to avoid and they help will point you in the right direction. It’s also important to ask about their favorite products and beginner dosing suggestions. A good budtender should be able to answer all these questions in a way that makes sense and makes you feel comfortable about your purchase.
  7. Contemplate consumption options – The cannabis industry has evolved tremendously over the last few years, so before you go into a dispensary, think about your preferred method of consumption such as tablets, edibles, vape pens, flower, infused drinks, etc. This  will help you narrow down what products to look at when you’re inside. While we are known best for our cannabis tablets, Stratos also offers cannabis topicals and tinctures in a range of formulations to suit the needs of a variety of users. 
  8. Do a little research – Before you step into any dispensary, it’s important to do research on products you’re interested in and read up on what other people are saying about them. This can help a lot if you’re not sure what you’re most interested in. Sites like WeedMaps and Leafly are great resources that provide insightful articles, product reviews and they can also give you dispensary product selections as well. If you’re interested in a specific brand, you can visit their website. You can find us at
  9. Discounts and loyalty programs – Are you a veteran or senior? If so, many dispensaries offer special discounts when you show the appropriate identification. Also, many dispensaries today are starting to offer loyalty cards, coupon books and local/neighborhood discounts, so it never hurts to ask.

Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis user or total newbie, dispensaries are a new frontier and can be overwhelming. Hopefully these tips help prepare you and instill the confidence you need to walk into your first dispensary feeling like a semi-pro. 

If you’re still not quite ready to jump into a dispensary or you live in a location where legal dispensaries are not accessible, you can ship our CBD products directly to your front door.